SUSIE - Sustainable Employability through HEI's Innovative Pedagogy

SUSIE expands the results of IRIS in building HEIs capacity in Tanzania, increasing accessibility to studies and information, promoting innovation capabilities and creating concrete job opportunities for sustainable employment.

SUSIE aims at improved capacity of management and teaching staff, which enables partner HEIs to offer strategically relevant, sustainable and accessible higher education for students and coach and network them to meet the requirements of the future in a sustainable society, business and working life.

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Music and street food at TUDARCo

The interaction between TUDARCo and the community around is steadily growing. The early week of July witnessed once again two exiting events, which brought to the university community members, who by......

SUSIE at HDIF Innovation Week 2021

SUSIE participated in the 2021 Innovation week organized by Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF). The purpose of the Innovation week was to provide a space for innovators, policymakers,......

Introducing Moshi Co-operative University as a partner in SUSIE project

The Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU) history dates way back to 5th January 1963 when Co-operative College Moshi was established. The College’s primary responsibility was to train human resource......

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