SUSIE, Sustainable Employability through HEI’s Innovative Pedagogy, is a capacity building project which improves the strategic thinking, pedagogical competence, learning spaces of Tanzanian and Finnish universities by

– The Sustainable Leadership training

– The series of Active Pedagogy trainings

– Establishing HUBs and Online learning environments

HEIs, Higher Education Institutions, are multidimensional systems which educate people and invest in progressing science, knowledge and culture. Expectations have grown, however, and current societies wait that HEIs are increasingly interactive and participatory in solving the common issues. One option to respond the demands is Sustainable leadership which is a future oriented strategic approach aiming at positive transformation, the development of social capital and innovative atmosphere.

The paradigm of learning and teaching has changed and current pedagogical views emphasise the meaning of active role of students in the learning process. Increasingly learning is understood to happen not only by reading, writing and listening but also in interaction where students meet community members, working life and industry. Innovative Pedagogy is a potential tool to link universities and working life together however in order to success the teaching staff of HEIs should be trained so that they are prepared to organise and guide active learning processes where academia and local communities meet and aim to find common solutions. Interactive learning processes ensure that graduates from Higher Education Institutions are both networked and competent to interface the demands of society and working life.

Current holistic view on learning highlights that studying should not be limited to the certain time or place but quite opposite; increasingly HEIs are asked to pay attention on access to studies so that students can make their individual study plans. One way to respond to the demand is investing on-online teaching and learning platforms which provide flexible opportunities for both learners and teachers. Also, campus onsite learning facilities can be improved and one concept is Business HUB. In the SUSIE project Business HUB refers to the physical premises in which work is organized and managed by students who are responsible of the progress of their study projects. HUBs aim to link academia with local community and invite them to work along with students, while upholding sustainability as a core value.