Introducing Moshi Co-operative University as a partner in SUSIE project


The Moshi Co-operative University (MoCU) history dates way back to 5th January 1963 when Co-operative College Moshi was established. The College’s primary responsibility was to train human resource in the cooperative sector under the then Ministry of Co-operatives and Community Development. MoCU became a result of transforming Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS) into a full-fledged University in September 2014. The University is mandated to provide training, research and advisory services to help Tanzania achieve its development goals.

The University has a campus in Moshi and an Institute of Co-operative and Business Education at Kizumbi in the Shinyanga region. There are two faculties, five directorates, one institute, and one bureau. There is also a network of 13 regional offices under the institute of continuing cooperative educations serving all regions in Tanzania Mainland, and Zanzibar. Over time, upgrading and establishing additional governance units will be undertaken as needs arise.

The Vision of the University is to become a Centre of Excellence in Co-operative Education and Practice. Its mission is to provide quality education, training, research and advisory services to enhance co-operative development. SUSIE project activities contribute directly to the MoCU’s three-year strategic objectives: Improving the quality of education and training; strengthen collaboration and partnerships at national, regional and international levels; enhancing innovation skills; enhancing management, and mainstreaming cross-cutting issues.

In the SUSIE project, the MoCU team will develop the project work knowledge and practices through participating in project training activities. MoCU will participate and contribute in all result areas of the project. We are eager to learn about the FinTan Innovation Pedagogy Model and are confident that we will reach the SUSIE objectives in all three result areas.