SUSIE at HDIF Innovation Week 2021


SUSIE participated in the 2021 Innovation week organized by Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF). The purpose of the Innovation week was to provide a space for innovators, policymakers, researchers, educationists and other key players in the innovation ecosystem to share experiences and learn from each other. SUSIE could not let the opportunity pass by without doing something. Just like a bright morning star, SUSIE shined under the umbrella of “Sustainable Business and Employability through Innovative Pedagogy in Higher Learning Institutions”. It was a nice thrilling two hours virtual event with over fifty online participants and about 30 in attendance at Tumaini University Dar Es Salaam College venue.

The event started with a wonderful keynote speech provided by Dr Lawrence Joseph Kerefufrom St. Joseph University in Tanzania (SJUIT), a lecturer and Director of Innovation and Techno-preneurship Acceleration Facility. In his speech, Dr Kerefu insisted that things have changed and as Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) we also need to change. He said;

“In shaping and preparing the future workforce, HLIs have a role to serve as test-beds for innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation, competitiveness and the growth of the local industry need to be stimulated, catalyzed, nurtured, developed and promoted for any country to prosper in this era of the knowledge economy and globalization”

From the papers presented and the interactive discussion made, we learned that the country’s current teaching and learning practices need to change. Students should learn to create value for the community from what they learn in class. They should be able to create simple practical solutions to address and solve community problems by applying knowledge and skills gained in class. This can only be possible if both teachers and students are creative, interactive and innovative with suitable and innovative curricula to facilitate the entire process of learning.

As for SUSIE, it was time to interact with the outside world apart from its project team members, share experience, increase its visibility and widen its scope of international networking. May you continue to shine like a little bright morning SUSIE, May your sparks touch the entire nation and the globe.