FinTan pedagogical training at MoCU



The MoCU team coordinated FinTan pedagogical training held for two days from 25th  to 26th  February 2021. The training was conducted at MoCU Conference Centre and was facilitated by Dr. Getrude Ntulo, Dr. James Kazoka, Dr. Gideon Enock Ntunga and Ms. Nancy Macha from TUDARCO and Dr. Hyttinen Ritva from TUAS. The training was officiated by MoCU Vice Chancellor Prof. Alfred Said Sife and closed by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Prof. John Safari. In that training more than 45 teaching staff and project team members from MoCU participated.

The main goal was to build the capacity of MoCU teaching staff on the FinTan Innovation Pedagogy Model, and share experience of previous projects from TUAS and TUDARCO on the pedagogical model and its effectiveness to Tanzania graduates. The comments from the participants was that the training came at the right time and that it would go a long way in empowering lecturers to provide entrepreneurship education to students.

Employment opportunities are very few compared to the number of new graduates who enter the employment market every year, so it was pointed out that if they (graduates) get and focus on entrepreneurship education, they will be able to engage in self-employment. It was also learnt that students will learn practical lessons by working in the community, identifying challenges where they then can apply their practical training and turn the challenges into opportunities.

More importantly, the experience from TUAS and TUDARCO shows that since the implementation of the FinTan model several students have became self-employed.

Participants in the FinTan pedagogical training


Author: Christopher Mnyasa