Half way through the project - towards Academia Sparks



The SUSIE project is reaching the halfway mark soon. A lot has happened in two years. The teachers and other staff working in the SUSIE project and especially the students in partner universities have learned a lot. New networks have been created and strengthened. New methods of operation have been introduced.

SUSIE project partners in Tanzania, Tumaini University of Dar es Salaam College, Moshi Co-operative University and Mwenge Catholic University MWECAU, have developed 15 online courses, which will soon be ready for piloting in Moodle online platform. Online courses take into account active FINTAN 2.0 pedagogy and the principles of sustainable development.

The operation of the business hubs has officially started in May 2022 MWECAU. A total of 15 students work in the hubs, working on six different projects. The operation of the hubs will be kick off also in MoCU and TUDARCO in November 2022. Ongoing student projects will be presented in Academia Sparks 19th of October in poster exhibition.

Leadership training has been running for a year, including ten training sessions. Academia Sparks forum invites policy makers, university leaders and industry representatives to discuss academia leadership issues. At the same time, Academia Sparks concludes the leadership training.

Indicators developed in SUSIE project, ensure that we stay on the right signposted road and guide the project’s activities in the right direction. Indicators measure project’s impact for example on gender equality and sustainable development.

Academia Sparks will proudly present the main outcomes of the SUSIE project. Students from the Universities of MoCU, MWECAU and TUDARCO has an active role in pre-marketing the event and organizing it. Stay tuned and follow SUSIE’s online platforms!

Author: Riikka Kulmala (Senior lecturer, TUAS)


The Venue of Academia Sparks

Academia Sparks is a one-day forum focusing on universities’ sustainable leadership and development. The forum invites policymakers, businesses, industries and universities to discuss strategically sustainable universities which are innovative, transformative and interactive engines of communities.Kindly, You are invited to register for Academia Sparks organized by three Higher Learning Institutions from Tanzania namely: MWECAU; MoCU; &  TUDARCo in Collaboration with Turk University of Applied Science from Finland. The event shall be held on 19th October 2022. Registration is open now  Academia Sparks