Online courses, HUB activities and Circular Economy


Circular economy & zero waste

More than 105 students from MoCU and MWECAU participated in a training in Moshi on Circular Economy and Zero Waste, facilitated by Zaidi Recyclers from Dar es Salaam ( Zaidi Recyclers is a private company dealing with waste management solutions & recycling, in particular collection and processing paper wastes.

Students were introduced to circular economy (CE) as a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. They also learned circular economy as a business opportunity. Studies show that more than 10,000 tons of solid waste is generated in Tanzania and poorly managed. Students were encouraged to utilize CE as an opportunity for self-employment in the country.




Online Courses & Business Hub Trainings at MoCU

MoCU launched four online courses in January, 2023;

  • Principles of Quantitative Data Analysis Techniques Using SPSS;
  • Quantitative Data Analysis using STATA;
  • Techniques of Tie & Dye
  • Practice of Detergent

Two of these, Techniques of tie & dye and the Practice of Detergent were provided  to MoCU students by  Micro-Entrepreneurs whose presentations were videotaped.  More than 3000 individuals from various countries applied and 2777 were enrolled.  The courses are continuing and have attracted more than 400 viewers through the Moodle platform and in YouTube.

Business Hub operations at MoCU started in January, 2023 whereby 35 students (18 females and 17 males) were enrolled in two cohorts. Cohort one consisting of 20 participants and cohort two of 15 students. Participants have been trained on business idea development, formalization of business ideas and marketing of their products. They are currently working on development of action plan and business plan. Participants will be later coached by Sahara Ventures and linked to successful entrepreneurs through networking and linkages.

A student coaching other students on

business name registration at Kili-Business Hub, MoCU


Author: Christopher Mnyasa, MoCU