Remember the people in your Network!



“We should do this more often!” Now you ask what?! Well of course having our dear colleagues from TuDarCo, MoCU & MweCaU visiting in Turku. I enjoyed a lot their presence here in TUAS with us. We had really good discussions and got things moving forward. Anyhow there is one thing where we don’t pay too much attention to when we are planning the program for our visitors… Because it is so inevitable. It is that you refresh your own business network and not only refresh but also build new ones.

Very often happens, at least for me, that you forget your network because you are busy with your own daily tasks. Now when we started to plan our SUSIE family visit here in Turku, I was “forced” to take out my business network contacts from the drawer; and it was fun! For example I used to do a couple of years ago a lot of cooperation with guys in Turku Science Park. We had joint projects and organized events together. Then at least for the last two years I haven’t been in contact with them at all. Even though we work close to each other in the same building. Anyhow, when I was in contact with them I started to discuss with Megumi (she was the one who gave the presentation of Turku Science Park to SUSIE family) and she mentioned that they have just recently started a project where we saw joint interests with HEPburn project. So, if HEPburn will see daylight I can assure we will do cooperation with Turku Science Park. All of this wouldn’t have happened if SUSIE weeks hadn’t taken place in September.

Also this was a massive chance to expand my existing business network. Now I have extremely good contact in Business Finland Nairobi office. Also I have now new colleagues in Finnpartnership which is an organization who helps Finnish SMEs to expand their networks and businesses outside Finland’s borders. I got instantly an invitation to their  business seminars. Nice! SUSIE visiting weeks did not only expand my network but I had also chance to get to know new places like Aalto University’s Design Factory which was very fascinating place and brought me a lot of new ideas for my own work at TUAS.

Hey folks, take care of your family, friends and colleagues BUT do not forget your outer circles network either. Actually it can bring you positive surprises and might lead in to good things to happen


Markku Rajala

Turku 5.Oct 2023