Student's handprint in the SUSIE project


I joined the SUSIE project last year and have been able to do all kinds of interesting things. I’m studying digital business, so my first task was naturally to update the website. I got free hands from the team regarding the website, and I wanted to bring a calmer look and a new color scheme to the pages. I already finished the new logo and decided to use different shades of green from the new logo on the pages. The web pages are more personal and consistent than before, and I especially like the ‘Meet the team’ pages with a personal picture of each higher education institution, with the building of the institution in question. The picture used on the front page is also taken from Tanzania, and I think it brings a down-to-earth atmosphere to the website. This gave me a good challenge to test my skills because I got to use a completely new system for me, WordPress. Although it took me a while to learn how to use it, I think I did well, what do you think? In addition to updating, I was responsible for maintaining the website and assisting others in various matters related to the website. 

After updating the website, I started to do a market analysis of Tanzania and its trade with Finland. Although the trading is still quite low, I still found a lot of different interesting things! The first thing I did was map the export and import between Finland and Tanzania. Machines, transport equipment, and fertilizers are exported from Finland to Tanzania, while mainly ore and other metals are imported from Tanzania to Finland, but also agricultural products such as coffee, tea, and cocoa. I managed to find the products in question near me as well and I got myself some Tanzanian coffee. Next, I looked for potential companies with connections to Tanzania. This turned out to be challenging, and I didn’t manage to find a single company in the area of ​​ Southern Finland. I contacted many different parties, but I didn’t necessarily get an answer. Together with Markku, we decided to expand the area to the whole of Finland and the East African region. Results began to appear, and different companies were found. I also found an organization that we may get help from later on in this project. More about my findings at the seminar day in September, the topic of which is “Doing sustainable business in Africa”! 

The last job left for me was updating social media, Facebook, and Instagram. I haven’t gotten around to familiarize myself with them yet, but you can follow the changes on our social media! My purpose is to update the social media so that they have a theme similar to the website. I also try to find some nice topics to update the pages about! 

A really good continuation of spring to everyone! 

– Saaga, a second year student in TUAS